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400m Stainless Steel Poly Tape Insulator
Polyrope helps improve the visability of electric fences to keep livestock or pets
away from it.

* Highly visible red and white tape to reduce accidental contacts
* Compatible with fence energiser
* 5 strands of 0.20mm stainless steel
* Tightly wound and UV stabilised; avoids disintegration under sun
* Antirust and high conductivity stainless steel wire
* Great for horse fencing
* Ideal for livestock fencing and control grazing

* Length: 400m/roll
* Width: 12mm
* Strand: 5 x 0.2MM stainless steel wire
* Electrical resistance: 5.3O OHMS
* Coating: UV treated
* Colour: Red & white

Package Contents
1x 400 Polytape

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Weight 2.2000 kg
Dimensions 21.0000 x 21.5000 x 21.0000 cm